Thursday, October 14, 2010


I love autumn, it is so wonderful. The air feels so fresh, dew in the morning on the grass, crisp leaves changing colours against a vivid blue sky. I love summer too, hot weather, pretty skirts and shorts, long evenings with friends. Winter is not my favourite, but I feel it is short, so I move onto Spring, new growth, fresh flowers, the promise of summers warmth. Sorry I digress, back to Autumn, you see, even though we homeschool so our year stays pretty constant, I still feel that fresh beginning of September. I remember back to school shopping as a child, a time to buy your new shoes, a new school uniform (being the last of eight, it was a 'new to me' uniform), but I always got new shoes. In my university days, it was new cords and some new sweaters. September is like a new year. We begin new lessons and start back up the ones we put on hold over the summer months. It is usually a very crazy month, trying to juggle everyones schedules, trying to remember everyones schedules and trying to get back to 'home learning'. I spend most of the month feeling like I am treading water, always feeling as though I am supposed to be somewhere. I keep a pretty good log, utilizing calenders and lists, but the feeling is with me until I am in the swing of things. So usually, by the time October rolls around, I am back on dry land, my head stops swimming and I work like a well oiled machine, bad on timing usually, but getting the job done all the same.

This October is no different. I even had one of those a-ha moments, a bit like watching news on tv when they lose the live feed and then the anchor says "...and we're back". Ever since we put our house on the market, and then took it off. I have felt a sort of one foot out the door mentality. Never really sure if I was coming or going. But now, as I tuck away my summer clothes and pull out some beloved sweaters and continue my search for the perfect pair of cords, I am back. Our fall schedules are in full swing. We are busy, but so far all happy.

We had a great Thanksgiving, I made pumpkin pies, one vegan, one not. They were both good. And now we are gearing up for Halloween. I am getting busy and am feeling very inspired by my pottery as I prepare for 3 upcoming holiday sales.

I am sad to say good-bye to summer, having felt like we were a bit ripped off by the weather this year, but I am fully embracing Autumn and all it has to offer.