Monday, September 6, 2010

I Love Lists!!!

I have always loved making lists. I love being able to check something off, written proof of a task accomplished. Also, I feel that sometimes putting it on paper is just another way of putting it out to the universe that something needs to be done. Sometimes I even cut photos out things out and put the in a file. One time I saw a picture of a really cute swim cap and I cut it out tossed it in my "Good Things" file and didn't think much about it after that. About a year or so later I was culling things in my files and found the picture of the swim cap, I had a good laugh, because without remembering the photo, I had purchased the exact swim cap. I also have picture of a Tuscan villa, and I am still waiting for it to come to fruition.

Anyway, today I was reading an article about making lists and came across this website and I liked the look of it and the idea of the number, currently my age. So I began typing and voila! the list began to evolve. I have now added a link on the blog to my list of goals/dreams/intentions.

I have always liked 101 lists, and I also read recently about 101 things in 1001 days. I think I will start with the 43 things. So far I have 10, they may change, I may add some, I may delete. Who knows. But, I just love lists and you just never know, it may be exactly what I need to get myself going and achieve some of these goals.

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  1. I have little piles. I put the things I need, want or have to do in little piles. Drives Byron crazy, little piles of articles everywhere. He loves Lists. he's also really good at getting all the list checked off.

    LOL- married me didn't he!