Friday, November 5, 2010

Beyond the Fifth Quadrant

A friend stopped by today to retrieve some tables that I borrow for the summer markets. As we stood chatting in the drizzle about our day ahead, I was inspired by her list for the day. She told me she was working on five projects. Five, wow, I was impressed. I had showered this morning and I was feeling pretty accomplished by that alone.

So when I returned inside, I decided I too should work on 5 projects, none quite as complex however as my friends, mine were more like tasks. I decided I would write down my five tasks, regardless how small they seemed and try and make it through the list. The 'Five Project Project' I called it.
1. Make Pizza for my two neighbours who recently had babies.
2. Change Piper's sheets.
3. Put the duvet cover back on my duvet.
4. Sort the coat closet.
5. Finish this weeks homeschool reports.

I quickly realized I didn't have the makings for pizza and swapped out #1, I would instead change Jack's sheets instead. I will make pizza tomorrow (and I will make enough to feed my family as well, dinner done for tomorrow, yippee).

I enjoyed this challenge, the tasks were simple and manageable and it make feel happy to check them off. We even managed to slip out for a walk in the rain to have coffee with a few of my closest friends up the street. And feeling rather accomplished, I managed to mentally add some more tasks, like washing the bedding, and organizing a bag of clothes for donation and give away.

In my continued search of finding ways to make my life and household run more smoothly, I like this idea of the 5 project Project and I may continue it, perhaps for 5 days. And what better way to end your day than to climb in nice clean sheets with fluffy duvets.

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  1. As one of your neighbours who benefited from your 5 thing a day project - Thank you so much!!!