Sunday, January 24, 2010

Birth of a Blog

I occasionally meet with a group of wonderful women, all who work for themselves. We have some women in PR, an HR lady, a number of artists and even a Chef. It really is a talented pool, not sure how I made the cut and I sometimes fear I will be voted off the Island. Not to say that I am not wonderful or talented, I of course am both, but it is the business area that is a little sketchy for me.

You see, I became a part of this group about a year ago, I may actually have been one of the founding members, I am not sure, I really don't remember the details, though I am quite sure it was born over a few glasses of wine. Anyways back when this group was coming together, I had this great idea, I would start marketing the pottery I make in my spare time, set up an etsy shop and try to get into a local market. You know basically turn my pottery into a home business. Well, I made it into the market and spent almost every saturday there last summer. It was a bit of a drain on my family, not to mention me. I don't think I am cut out to be a production potter, in fact, I know I am not. You see, I am not interested in making six matching mugs or two for that matter. I like to create, I like to make things of interest to me, in whatever colour, or pattern or style that moves me at that particular moment. I also like to knit and felt and paint and cook and lots of other things.

So now, a few weeks ago, I get together with this group, the plan, bring an objective to discuss at the meeting. Well I have laundry list, my whole "business" idea has done a header and I am no longer sure of any objectives, let alone one to discuss with the group. On my ride home, I blabbered on ad nauseam to my dear friend, about my lack of direction, focus and any sort of plan. There was a lot of discussion about blogging. "What on earth would I blog about?", I mean, I do have lots of ideas, I just don't know where to take them. "Just that" she says. So here we are, birth of the blog.

My plan - to blog about my plans and the things that I planned and actually happened. But let me warn you I am a procrastinator (it has already taken me 2 weeks just to get around to this post). And like any new baby, I am on a steep learning curve, I will add some photos and a link to my etsy shop, yes I managed to get that up, though I only have 3 listings. And who knows where this will take us after all, right now I really don't have a plan except for this plan. But I have to say I am excited about this plan.

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  1. Hi, You sound like, you are a "sorted "sort of lady, I started a shop on Etsy last April, and just love it. cheers from New Zealand Marie