Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pro-D Day

Recently while doing a little clean out, something quite necessary when you share a smallish house with five other people, I came across a copy of Australian Women's Weekly from January 2009. (Clearly I need to do these clean outs a little more frequently). There was a fabulous article about News Years resolutions. I am not generally one for resolutions as I learned quite some time ago, it just wasn't worth wasting the paper, I just wasn't going to follow through, and flipping through a yearly undone list of 1. Get in shape 2. Stick to a budget and 3.Drink more water. etc. etc. can be damaging to your self confidence. But this list of New years resolutions by Pat McDermott was right up my alley.

Things like - Stop asking if someone has fed the cat and just simply feed it myself. Instead of demanding to know who left the dirty dishes in the sink, acknowledge this is not working, move on and just stick them in the dishwasher myself. My favourite being #10. Take to bed one day a month. Now that I can do.

Today, after battling a cold for the last few days, I decided it would be a good time to rest. I came home from yoga, feeling briefly better, but realizing taking my day in bed was the only way to go. I informed my family I would be in bed for the day and that I would be just trying to rest and get over this cold. You know, basically telling them they would need to make me tea and look after me.

It started pretty well, I climbed back into my pj's, put on my house frau sweater (you know, a comfy cardigan that you would never wear outside, my children call it my snot sweater, and not because it is covered in MY snot). I climbed back into bed and then one by one each of my children decided to join me. I imported the photos and movies from 3 memory cards, gave practice instruction for the cello, helped input a report for my oldest daughter and solved more than one dispute. I tried in vain to fend off an attack which involved a new hairdo with a handful American Girl rollers, while my 3 year old practiced her somersaults before climbing on her brothers back to be potentially pitched backward out the second story window. I have been served natchos in bed and I know for a fact that my kitchen looks like we just had a cooking class for 9 year olds.

I always found it intriguing when teachers were off sick, there was usually some sort of plan in place for the substitute, like they knew they were going to be sick. You know a list of what everyone should do. I like this idea. Sadly I have no substitute, but perhaps a plan, an emergency preparedness 'day in bed' kit, would have made my day a little less chaotic. Still, I am in bed and I am going to try and not worry about the state of the house. However, next time I take to my bed I will have a plan in place, and now that I know this, I will just think of today as a professional development day.

Pro-D Day Make Over


  1. Ha, Ha, What a smile I gave at the end of your commentary, Mothers are not really allowed to have "Days in bed". I sometimes catch an extra hour in bed, the odd morning. Best wishes for a fast recovery, cheers Marie

  2. Oh my GOD! I have an entire wardrobe to match yours.....a snot dress, a snot t-shirt, snot pyjamas, tights, jeans, shift dress and maybe even snot underpants. AND I would also like to state that none of it is mine. Ahhh...the life of a parent.

  3. Hilarious!

    Hey, I know this woman and it is all true. Except for the mustache part - I can vouch for the fact that her upper lip is devoid of said item. Hairless as a baby's bum last time I checked.