Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Dutch Cheese and Butter Cleanse

I was having a conversation with a couple of friends recently about our generation's fascination with going on cleanses. I have tried a couple, some went well, some were a hopeless failure. I have also heard of some really seemingly ridiculous cleanses. One friend reported his girlfriend dumped him at Day 5 of an 'Apple Cleanse', I am just surprised he hung on till Day 5. We have another friend who swears by the lemon water with cayenne and maple syrup, he does it every year. Another friend does the Wild Rose twice a year, the Wild Rose was my hopeless failure.

We began to wonder if part of the cleanse fascination was potential weight loss and then wondered if this was our generation's idea of a diet?

Personally I know that I have tried cleanses to try to get myself back on track to eating healthier well rounded meals. Generally in the spring, I try to knock off the wheat that I have survived upon all winter. I really have a weakness for bagels. I have tried giving up dairy, but I just love cheese too much. Last year I managed 30 days with no dairy, I am not sure how. I mean I do really try to eat healthy, I live in a household of vegetarians. But really, just try to hold me back from a friend cinnamon raisin Mount Royal Bagel with honey vanilla cream cheese.

So, last week with spring well upon us, I decided it was time to eradicate the wheat and dairy. I lasted till about lunch. Sunday is not a good day to start a cleanse. Apparently neither was monday or tuesday. Each day my valiant efforts were worn down by late afternoon. I did manage to go one whole day no wheat and dairy. Ooops apparently wine is not allowed on this cleanse, and I am meant to meet a friend for a drink. I'll start again next week.

This year the cleansing has not gone as well. Is it more parties, or perhaps my 'been there, done that' attitude? I am struck by a comment one of my readers mentioned on an earlier post, "what things would you do, if there was no chance of failing at it?" Perhaps knowing I can do it without fail has brought me to a failing wall. It really should be the opposite. I just can't quite put my finger on it. Perhaps in my heart of hearts I am really not that interested in cleansing, and I should just get over it and make more of an effort to live by what I really am committed too, everything in moderation, including moderation.

This, I believe, I cannot fail at.

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  1. I think moderation in all things is a good thing, I try to do this is my eating habits, but of course sometimes I binge out, I am not perfect and would not want to be.You are doing real well, cheers Marie